Noticerio Digital (2015) | We’ve arrived / 5. Restitution

During these last fifteen years, Venezuela has received vast amounts of money from oil.

There is no doubt that the staying power of this regime is due to the oil income and the way it was squandered. Corruption is overwhelming. The nation has been looted. Much of the income has been used in perks and gifts to corrupt citizens. Much of it has been destined to financial “aid” abroad, and a tremendous amount was stolen directly.

A great number of people have benefitted from these huge resources and in the most cynical, corrupt and unworthy manner have whisked away and deposited their ill-gotten wealth in accounts abroad.

After replacing this regime with a government whose priority is the welfare of the Venezuelan people, a plan must be in place to restore a great part of the stolen property of the nation.

It’s obvious that it will not be easy or happen overnight, or voluntarily. But if percentage cash rewards are offered for the quantities recovered, there could be a very good chance to recover a significant part. This isn´t a new idea; it has been done in other countries. It must be done in ours.

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