La Patilla (2015) | We’ve arrived / 2. Return to the Rule of Law

I graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University Law School in 1967. Although banking has been my vocation and profession, law is the foundation of my training. Every society is based on rules that enable citizens to live in peace, harmony and prosperity. The more developed and prosperous nations are those with better laws that offer people more freedom to carry out their activities and judicial systems that allow the quick and fair enforcement of laws. Countries like ours do the opposite with the obvious bad results.

Until well into the twentieth century the Venezuelan legal system, if not perfect, was tolerable. The civil, commercial, procedural and other codes are sound. In these last fifteen years almost all the legal system has been razed and a volcanic deluge of laws, decrees, regulations and other legal instruments was unleashed for the purpose of destroying everything and communizing the nation. The current Constitution, which many believe to be oppositionist, is a veritable unfeasible legal monstrosity. All these legal instruments are gibberish that hinder and prevent any development or activity that allows the wellbeing and growth of the population.

Because we are “at the end of the line” and in order to go forward and prosper and be free, we must adopt reasonable and intelligent measures.

First: The laws enacted before this judicial demolition derby must be reinstated. Many of the laws that were violently repealed can be applied, including the Constitution of 1961, which is not perfect, but nevertheless allows the creation of a new legal system.

Second: Professional teams must undergo training to begin drafting a new legal order to be discussed and passed by the newly elected legislative bodies.

Third: Provisional teams made up of the best legal experts must be formed to replace the entire body of the current judiciary and apply the laws and other legal instruments while preparing the new judicature.

This means virtually starting from scratch, but the destruction wreaked upon the country leaves us no choice.

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