La Patilla (2015) | We’ve arrived / 1. Restitution of Private Property

Private ownership is an essential factor in the proper development of societies. There’s a direct connection between the prosperity and welfare of nations and the protection of private property. Private property rights are essential for freedom to exist.

1.1 A nation-wide campaign followed by actions to secure ownership of the private property of socioeconomically disadvantaged persons. Millions of people do not have legal title to their homes, therefore they cannot legally transfer the property they have earned due to their effort and hard work. In countries such as ours where there is limited access to banking services, high inflation and frequent devaluations, lower-income individuals seek to protect themselves financially by investing in the construction and improvement of their homes. But, lacking the property deed, they cannot lawfully transfer their property or put it up as collateral, nor bequeath it to their heirs. Securing their property deeds would be a great incentive for them to pump currently unavailable assets into the economy.

1.2. Restitution of stolen property. An inventory of all assets arbitrarily and unlawfully appropriated by the State should be made to return them immediately to their rightful owners. Plots and farms and industries should be returned to their owners so they can resume production for their benefit and that of the nation.

1.3. Adequate and credible legal and political guarantees that private property will never be jeopardized again, thereby encouraging employment and prosperity-generating investments.

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