La Patilla (2015) | We’ve arrived

All the disasters that were announced long ago have converged, and then some.  In late December, the Venezuelan government staged a coup d’etat against the Constitution by “appointing” officials and magistrates. The drop in oil prices has magnified the situation. The time has come to think forward. The tragedy is too great, therefore we must focus on reconstruction. For this purpose, it is essential that the leaders of the regime be replaced. Several  ideas,  not necessarily in order.

1. Restoration of private property. Reconstruction of the country is impossible without this cornerstone.

2. Return to the rule of law. For this to happen, it is necessary to reinstate and rebuild the legal system in force in the 90’s without which nothing functions.

3. Privatize all state-owned companies, starting with PDVSA, and distribute their shares among the people.

4. Apply the dollar as the money standard to avoid inflation and devaluation.

5. An incentive or reward plan for those who discover and help the nation to recover part of the huge amounts stolen from the Venezuelan people.

Evidently, thousands of additional actions are necessary, but I will stop here. My idea is to encourage the thousands of good and qualified Venezuelans to think of a better future. It won´t be easy.

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